Explore the Versatility of EVOC: Enhance Your Cycling Experience with Alaska Bicycle Center

Are you an ardent cycling enthusiast looking for premium gear, or perhaps a beginner planning your first biking adventure? Look no further. Your trusted source for all cycling accessories and gear, Alaska Bicycle Center, offers the perfect brand to accompany you on your journey - EVOC. As a leading brand in biking accessories, EVOC's innovative designs and top-notch quality products are essential for any cycling adventure. Here, we delve into the illustrious history of EVOC, highlight what sets them apart, and showcase some of their noteworthy products available at the Alaska Bicycle Center.

A Quick Ride Through EVOC's Brand History

Born from the passion of two world travelers, EVOC has quickly emerged as a renowned name in the world of sports travel equipment. Founders Holger Feist and Bernd Stucke, after suffering injuries due to inadequate gear during their thrilling adventures, decided to take matters into their own hands. This was the catalyst for the creation of EVOC, which sought to deliver high-quality, functional equipment that offered protection and durability.

Although based in Munich, Germany, EVOC's products are developed globally, tested in the world's toughest terrains from the Himalayas to the Namib Desert. Their first triumph was the bike travel bag, which was quickly followed by a variety of backpacks, luggage, and travel accessories, all reflecting the brand's commitment to quality and functionality.

The Art of EVOC's Exceptional Cycling Gear

EVOC merges innovation with design, resulting in high-performance gear designed to excel. Let's explore some of EVOC's most sought-after products available at the Alaska Bicycle Center and understand how they can transform your biking experience.

1. EVOC Crash Pants Pad Protection Shorts, Black: Offering optimal protection while riding, these shorts are designed to provide maximum security during any challenging trail, ensuring you can navigate safely.

2. EVOC Enduro Touch, Full Finger Gloves: These full-finger gloves offer protection without sacrificing comfort, ensuring you maintain your grip and control during any ride.

3. EVOC Frame Pack WP, Frame Bag, Carbon Grey: This compact and secure option to carry your essentials offers a waterproof exterior and sturdy design, keeping your belongings safe and dry in any weather condition.

4. EVOC Hip Pack Pro, Hydration Bag: With a 3L volume and a 1.5L bladder included, these bags allow hands-free hydration, letting you focus on the road ahead.

5. EVOC Seat Pack WP, Seat Bag, Carbon Grey: Ideal for carrying tools and other small essentials, these waterproof seat bags offer ample storage, easy accessibility, and a snug fit.

6. EVOC Bike Travel Bag XL, Bicycle Travel Bag, Olive and Black: Offering a spacious, protective compartment for your bike, these bags merge the protection of a hardshell case with the portability of a soft bag.

Why EVOC Stands Out: The Mastery of Exceptional Travel Bags

EVOC's innovative protective sports backpacks and travel bags have revolutionized the way athletes travel with their gear. Their Bike Travel Bag, one of their most acclaimed products, is a testament to their inventive spirit, offering maximum protection with minimal weight. This bag is an ideal solution for transporting bikes, combining the benefits of a hardshell case with the ease of a soft bag, epitomizing EVOC's dedication to innovative and practical design.


In the realm of cycling, the right equipment can transform a good ride into an unforgettable adventure. EVOC stands tall in this aspect, offering products that make your journey safer, more organized, and ultimately, more enjoyable. Their commitment to innovation, quality, and functionality shines through their entire product range, cementing their place as a go-to brand for all cyclists.

The Alaska Bicycle Center is proud to bring you the comprehensive range of EVOC products. Explore their online catalog today and find the perfect accessories for your cycling needs. Whether you're preparing for an intense biking adventure or just a relaxed weekend ride, with EVOC and the Alaska Bicycle Center, you're in the most reliable hands.

Explore the Versatility of EVOC: Enhance Your Cycling Experience with Alaska Bicycle Center
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