Rippy Trail

Explore the Unforgettable Rippy Trail

Embark on an adventure that captures the rugged charm of Alaska's outdoors on the rejuvenated Rippy Trail. Over the years, this route has evolved from a communal hiking path to a popular all-terrain vehicle (ATV) trail, enduring the wrath of the 2012 storms and re-emerging stronger and more sustainable in 2014.

Perched delicately on the slopes of the mountains that shape the north of the Knik River Valley, the Rippy Trail opens up a world of picturesque vistas. From sweeping views of the valley itself, the colossal Knik Glacier, the majestic Pioneer Peak, and the sprawling Knik Arm, the trail gifts visitors an unrivaled, breath-taking panorama. The trail draws outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds - hikers, mountain bikers, and ATV riders all find immense joy on this route. However, the unanimous sentiment is a wish for the trail to be longer!

The trail's key highlight is the impressive 55-foot bridge at the mouth of the sheer rock-walled canyon where the mighty Jim Creek cascades out from the mountains.

Trail Overview

At 5.6 miles, the Rippy Trail is an out-and-back route located near Palmer, Alaska. It's generally regarded as moderately challenging and perfectly suited for hiking, mountain biking, and off-road driving. One of the trail's unique charms is its quiet solitude - it's rare to encounter large crowds, allowing you to connect deeply with Alaska's pristine wilderness.

Directions to Rippy Trail from Wasilla, Alaska

The Rippy Trailhead is approximately 30 miles away from Wasilla and can be reached by road in under an hour. Follow these directions to embark on your adventure:

  1. Start by heading south on AK-3 S.
  2. After about 5 miles, take the exit towards Trunk Rd.
  3. Keep right at the fork and continue on E Trunk Rd.
  4. After about 8 miles, turn right onto N Palmer-Fishhook Rd.
  5. After about 1 mile, continue onto N Old Glenn Hwy.
  6. After about 3 miles, turn right onto E Arctic Ave.
  7. Continue onto N Old Glenn Hwy.
  8. After about 7 miles, turn right onto Sullivan Ave.
  9. After about 2 miles, continue onto E Palmer-Wasilla Hwy.
  10. After about 2 miles, turn left onto N Old Glenn Hwy.
  11. Continue onto Glenn Hwy.
  12. After about 2 miles, turn right onto Rippy Trail.

We encourage everyone who wants to enjoy this beautiful trail to do so responsibly, respecting the landscape and wildlife, leaving no trace of your visit, and keeping this stunning trail pristine for future explorers to enjoy. Happy trails!