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Shipping Rates for Alaska Bicycle Center 2019:
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if you have any questions
Local Pickup 0kg–2267.962kg Free
Alaska Mail  0kg–2.268kg $5.00
Alaska Light Shipping  2.268kg–4.536kg $10.00
Midweight Shipping  6.804kg–9.072kg $50.00
Alaska Oversized Shipping  9.072kg–113.398kg $100.00


Contiguous United States:

Lightweight Shipping 0kg–2.268kg $15.00
Midweight Shipping 2.268kg–6.804kg $25.00
Oversized Shipping 6.804kg–226.796kg $150.00



Canada Lightweight Shipping 0kg–9.072kg $50.00
Canada Over sized Shipping 11.34kg–226.796kg $250.00
*Orders can take 2-3 business days to process. Purchases over $100 must be verified before shipment.