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Black Diamond Storm 450 Headlamp - Black

Black Diamond Storm 450 Headlamp - Black

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The Black Diamond Storm 450 Headlamp is a top-of-the-line choice for technical consumers who need a bright, waterproof, and feature-rich headlamp for fast-paced and extreme activities. With a maximum output of 450 lumens and PowerTap™ Technology for instant transitioning between full and dimmed power, this headlamp is perfect for users who need to run the lamp on alkaline batteries during long expeditions. With 8 different light modes, including proximity and distance modes, dimming, strobe, red, green, and blue night-vision, and lock mode, and a multifaceted optical efficiency lens technology, this headlamp is built to last. The headlamp is also waterproof-tested to operate at least 1.0 meters underwater for 30 minutes and can be recharged with USB Rechargeable and has a maximum burn time of 150hrs. It weights only 120g.
  • Max Burn Time (hrs): 150
  • Rechargeable: USB Rechargeable
  • Max Lumens: 450
  • Number of Light Modes: 8
  • Red Lighting: Yes
  • Max Lighting Distance (m): 85
  • Weight: 120
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