Craft Ride Rain Pants Men's

Craft Ride Rain Pants Men's


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When you wake up to grey skies and the smell of rain, layer the Craft Ride Pant on over your commuting bibs and get out on the roads. Instead of listening to the patter of rain on the roof your car while trapped in gridlocked traffic, you'll be able to stay out in fresh air where you belong with this waterproof, windproof pant. The Ride's polyester fabric can withstand up to 8,000mm of water pressure over a 24 hour period before springing a leak, which should keep you covered during showers and drizzles on your travels to and from work. Extra touches, like a reinforced seat area, reflective taping, and elastic panels added for mobility conspire to make this a pant you don't dread putting on when the weather turns foul.

  • Embrace wet, windy weather in the bike lane with this pant