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Mondraker Grommy 16” Kids E-Bike

Mondraker Grommy 16” Kids E-Bike

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Grommy E-Push bikes are designed for kids to develop and practice riding and balancing skills without distractions of pedaling. Grommy combines all kid friendly features like reliability, lightweight design, durability, and adjustable riding modes for kids at different stages of learning. Kids can switch between power modes using a throttle selector on the twist grip. Grommy 16 with 16” wheels are for 5-8 year old kids.

LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE: E-Bike’s frame and fork are made of 6061 Stealth Alloy for extreme durability and super lightweight advantage for easy operation by kids. The subtle and hassle free frame design uses internal routing for rear disc brake and HHG internal cable routing for cables used by power mode selectors. The slim and lightweight Grommy bikes can be easily transported in the back of your trucks. Grommy 16 weighs just 8.5 kg.

CLEAN, INTEGRATED DESIGN: Grommy sports a clean look with an integrated design and positioning of motor, drivetrain and battery. Central mounted 250W brushless motor offers the right amount of power to help the young riders with balancing and handling skills. The fun and power of Grommy will last a long time, with IPX-4 water resistant design for battery and motor. Motor and drivetrain are enclosed in custom plastic protectors for safety.

INTERCHANGEABLE BESPOKE BATTERY: Grommy uses lightweight, bespoke batteries that can be easily swapped over. 80 Wh, 4 Ah quick change battery has a run time of 60 minutes and a charging time of 60 minutes, so the swap over ensures that Grommy can be run without much downtime.

SKILL-BASED SPEED CONTROL: Grommy offers easy selection from three speed levels for different skill levels. “Balance” setting with a max speed of 8.1 km/h is great for beginners who are in learning mode. Kids can move on to “Fun” mode with 12.1 km/h top speed and then “Advanced with a max speed of 17.7 km/h as they progress. Grommy can also be used like a standard Balance bike by simply switching off the motor. Integrated base footrest allows kids to comfortably rest their tiny feet while riding.


Frame 250mm
Frame & Fork Material 6061 Stealth Alloy
Motor 250W Brushless
Battery 80 Wh, 4 Ah, 18V, Bespoke
Color Black/Flame Red/Light Blue
Saddle Height 43-58 cm
Ages 5-8 years
Weight 8.5 kg
Wheels 16"
Power Modes Balance (max 8.1 km/h)
Fun (12.1 km/h)
Advanced (17.7 km/h)
Tires 16x2.25"
Front Wheel 16x100mm
Rear Wheel 16x110mm
Sprocket 16T
Seatpost 27.2mm
Stem 30mm
Handlebar 25.4mmx500mm
Brake rotor 140mm
Brake caliper Cable - flat mount
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