Serfas Scandium Men's MTB Shoe

Serfas Scandium Men's MTB Shoe


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Serfas has a great tagline for their MTB shoes: Dirtier Than Thou. That pretty much ought to be the mountain biking mantra. 

MTB shoes can be fickle to get the fit dialed in, but the Scandium let me make subtle adjustments on the fly. The two velcro straps make small adjustments easy by pulling with one hand and using the other hand's thumb to roll the strap a little tighter or looser.

The fit on the Scandium starts out slim in the heel but gets roomier in the toebox, a definite plus for cooler weather biking in thicker socks. The ratcheting buckle felt flimsy, so of course I reefed on it to see if it would break.