Skibyk SB-100 Complete SkiBike


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After a sellout season last year SkiByk is back and is still offering their SB100 All-Mountain SkiBike at a price that makes owning a SkiBike affordable! The SkiByk has garnered a lot of attention in the industry by delivering a quality SkiBike that is easily adaptable to a multitude of riding styles.

With their Patent Pending All-Mountain design the SB100 can easily be adjusted to the individual rider. Their front-retention system not only allows you to adjust the tension and resistance through their band design, but also allows the rider to change the pitch of your ski for varying slope conditions and rider preferences. With a simple allen wrench you can adjust the pitch of the front ski up for soft snow conditions or down for ice, steeper hard pack conditions.

Additionally, their tapered head tube allows for a multitude of front fork options to upgrade the performance to an individual’s needs.

Bottom Line the SB100 All-Mountain SkiByk, is the most affordable, quality SkiBike made today and can get you on the slope Enjoying the Ride and not break the bank!


NIMBLE: Super Rippy Low Impact Design

RIDEABILITY: Perfect Frame Geometry
CASH FLOW: Low Cost + High Performance = More Fun!
CONTROL: 99cm Ripper Skis with Ginzu Knife like edges that will make a Benihana Chef wish he had a pair
FLEXIBILITY: Extra wide bars…you get to choose your riding width that matches your style…no one bar for all!
CARVEABILITY: Enhanced Skibike Pedal Height…nothing to drag as you rip the steeps
PLICITY: 80% assembled to you…simple assembly required…just supply Allen Wrenches… Simple as that


FRAME: 6061-T6 Alloy frame tapered head tube.

FORK: Zoom 140mm Alloy magnesium fork with 20mm thru axle.

REAR SHOCK: DNM 200mm rear coil shock with air reservoir, rebound, compression, preload.

SKIS: Summit Ripper 99 cm 3D Skis; vertically laminated tip-to-tail northern birch wood core,Sidecut 6.5m turning radius,
ABS sidewall, 360 full wrap Rockwell carbon steel  edges and Sintered P-Tex 4000 bases

PEDAL: Aluminum mountain bike pedal

SADDLE: SR Padded saddle

HEADSET: Alloy, semi-integrated, thread less, sealed bearing

HANDLEBAR: BMX Style Handlebar w/ locking grips

STEM:  HL aluminum bmx stem

SKI ADAPTER: 6061-T6 Front and rear custom alloy

RETENTION: SkiByk EPDM rubber retention