Terry Fly TI Gel Saddle

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Originally introduced in 1999, the Italian-made Fly set the standard for men's saddle comfort. We’ve seen them on every kind of bike, ridden by everyone from pro riders to Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. RAAM riders and Randonneurs swear by them. Journalists have hailed them as the most comfortable saddles for men.

The Fly Ti Gel version takes comfort up a level with a thin layer of gel along the top, making this a wonderful saddle for endurance/distance riders and triathletes who put more pressure against the front of the saddle. Flat across the top with multi-density injection-molded foam that’s a bit stiffer in the rear for more power while pedaling, covered by a thin layer of gel; completely cut away through the nose and mid-section, making it flexible and comfortable against soft tissues; equipped with super-strong, super-light ti-nox rails that attach to the shell in an integral suspension bridge design that minimizes road shock. In smooth black leather with gloss fly graphics.  Made in Italy. length x width: 277mm x 140mm weight: 266 g / 9.4 oz rails: Ti-316 cover/features: black leather with screenprinted graphics, seamless nose and thin gel layer