TRP TR12 Rear Derailleur and Shifter Kit - Black

TRP TR12 Rear Derailleur and Shifter Kit - Black


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The TRP TR12 drivetrain system brings World Cup downhill shifting technologies to the trails. The 12-speed design is the result of a collaboration between TRP, rider Aaron Gwin, and his mechanic John Hall.

  • This advanced derailleur includes a Hall Lock - a lever integrated into the B-knuckle mount that locks out the main pivot bolt to prevent your derailleur from lifting, slapping and making noise
  • The Hall Lock can be turned on or off, and the clamping force can be adjusted to balance stability and security with the derailleur’s ability to deflect on impact
  • G-Spec Ratchet Style Clutch keeps tension on the chain through the movement of a bikes travel
  • The clutch has integrated adjustability, effectively providing the individual balance between pedal feedback and chain retention for your bikes chain growth
  • The shifter features linear actuation for improved ergonomics and consistent thumb contact
  • Enhanced grip and tactile feel is built into lever paddles