Hatcher Pass Mile 16 Downhill Trail

Hatcher Pass Mile 16 Downhill Trail Map

Feel the thrill of mountain biking on Alaska's Hatcher Pass Mile 16 Downhill Trail. This 2-mile course, with its breathtaking Alaskan wilderness backdrop, is a haven for downhill enthusiasts. Ideal for bikes designed for rugged terrain, but if you have a robust hardtail or a trail bike, you'll still find plenty of excitement.

Quick Guide:

The Hatcher Pass Mile 16 Trail descends sharply over 800 feet from a ridge above Fishhook Creek. Despite a steep and challenging start, the trail soon smooths out into a flowy descent, thanks to diligent upkeep.

Don't let the name mislead you; the "Mile 16" refers to its location near the 16-mile marker on Hatcher Pass, not its length. Starting off with a swift drop from the road, it plummets down the slope, ending at a lower paved area. Two parking lots, one at the top and one at the bottom, make it easy for bikers to do multiple runs.

The trail blends tight switchbacks, sweeping berms, and a series of jumps, catering to skilled riders looking for an adrenaline-packed ride.

Getting There:

From Wasilla, head north on AK-3 N. About 6 miles in, exit onto Palmer-Fishhook Road. Follow this road as it becomes Fishhook Rd, leading you into Hatcher Pass after about 10 miles. Look for a gravel lot on the left, 4 miles into the twisty section of the road, just before guardrails. To find the trailhead, keep driving up towards Independence Mine. The trail starts at a gravel parking area at the 16-mile marker, identifiable by a sharp right turn. You'll see a mound of gravel at the parking's near side, marking the trailhead. Kick off your adventure with a jump right at the beginning. Then, be ready for a sharp turn to stay on course. Descend to the lower lot, enjoy a celebratory drink, and if you're up for it, go for another round!

Always ride with respect for the trails and the environment. Relish the rugged allure of the Hatcher Pass Mile 16 Downhill Trail responsibly!