Mirror Lake Singletrack

CMBR MIrror Lake Map


Discover the allure of the Mirror Lake Singletrack, a five-mile network of trails primarily crafted for mountain biking.


The Mirror Lake Singletrack offers two-way and some one-way trails. Uphill cyclists have the right of way, and using a bell is advised to alert others for a safer experience.

New to the scene, the Green zone provides a mile of beginner-friendly trails, ensuring an enjoyable ride for novices. Seasoned riders can test their skills on challenging black-diamond trails hidden within the network. The one-way Pink/Off-CMBR trail features a thrilling line of rollable jumps. Intermediate trails make up most of the network, offering a mix of flow, rustic, and technical paths for a well-rounded biking experience.

Trail Markings:

Main routes are marked in dark colors, with lighter colors for alternatives. The trail system opened in stages: Phase 1 (Yellow, Red, Blue) in June 2017 and Phase 2 (Green, Light Green, Pink, Purple, Light Blue, Black) in October 2018.

The park includes gray-marked multiuse trails for biking. Some paths are restricted to when the ground is frozen to protect the trail integrity.


Singletrack trails are closed to horses. Motorized vehicles are not permitted in Mirror Lake Park. Hiking is not recommended on one-way downhill bike trails, including Off-CMBR/Pink, Inner East Purple Loop, and all Expert-Only Black trails, to ensure everyone's safety. Enjoy your adventure at Mirror Lake Singletrack, and remember to respect the natural surroundings and other trail users.