Mirror Lake Singletrack

CMBR MIrror Lake Map

Welcome to the Mirror Lake Singletrack!

For adventure seekers eyeing an invigorating cycling venture, Mirror Lake Singletrack may just be the perfect destination. Tucked amidst the bounty of nature, this beautiful expanse spans five miles of preferred-use mountain bike trails.

Here's an insight into what lies ahead:

The trails are generally two-way, unless specifically designated otherwise. To ensure a smooth ride for all, riders are asked to yield to those on their uphill journey. For added safety on the trails, the use of a bell is recommended.

The recently established Green area is particularly accommodating for those desiring a gentler ride, with a mile of trails tailored for beginners. Conversely, a handful of black-diamond trails, tucked away deeper in the network, await those who enjoy a good challenge. The Pink/Off-CMBR trail is known for its exciting one-way rollable jump line. The majority of the remaining network consists of intermediate flow trails, blending smooth, primitive, and technical sections for a diverse riding experience.

Darker hues are used to mark the primary routes, while lighter shades indicate alternate paths. The trail system was implemented in two phases: Phase 1, featuring the Yellow, Red, and Blue Trails, opened in June 2017, while Phase 2, introducing the Green, Light Green, Pink, Purple, Light Blue, and Black Trails, followed in October 2018.

There are also multiuse trails (distinguished in gray) available for biking. However, it should be noted that certain sections of these trails can only be accessed when the ground is frozen.

Singletrack trails are off-limits to horses, and Mirror Lake Park prohibits the use of motorized vehicles throughout the park. For safety reasons, hiking is discouraged on one-way downhill trails, including Off-CMBR/Pink, Inner East Purple Loop, and all Expert-Only Black trails.