Rabbit Slough

Rabbit Slough in the Mat-Su Borough of Alaska is a beacon for fat biking enthusiasts, offering a unique opportunity to navigate a terrain that changes with the seasons. The specially designed fat bikes, with their wide, grippy tires, make traversing snowy, sandy, and muddy trails an exciting adventure.

Trail Overview at Rabbit Slough:

  • Trail Difficulty: Varies from beginner-friendly to advanced trails for seasoned fat bikers.
  • Trail Conditions: The trails are groomed and maintained to ensure a pleasant riding experience.
  • Trail Length: The trail lengths are diverse, catering to quick jaunts or longer expeditions, depending on the chosen route.


As you prepare for your excursion, it's crucial to evaluate the trails and your personal skill level. Here are some pointers for a safe and enjoyable fat biking trip:

  • Pre-ride Research: Familiarize yourself with the trail maps and current conditions. Rabbit Slough's trail system may change due to weather or maintenance.
  • Skill Assessment: Choose trails that align with your fat biking proficiency. Beginners should stick to shorter, groomed paths, while experienced riders may seek out more technical trails.
  • Navigation Preparedness: Carry a map or GPS device. Even on well-traveled trails, having a means to navigate can prevent disorientation.
  • Inform Others: Let a friend or family member know your intended route and expected return time.
  • Emergency Kit: Pack a repair kit, including a spare tube, patch kit, pump, and basic tools. It's also wise to bring along first-aid supplies.
  • Sustenance and Clothing: Bring water, snacks, and dress in layers to adapt to changing weather conditions.
  • Trail Etiquette: Respect trail signs, stay on designated paths, and yield to other trail users as needed.

Exploring Rabbit Slough by fat bike is more than a physical activity; it's a chance to witness the raw beauty of Alaska's landscapes. Just remember, while adventure awaits, safety and preparedness are key to ensuring a memorable and rewarding experience on the trails.