Matanuska Greenbelt (Kepler-Bradley Lakes/Crevasse Moraine)

Matanuska Greenbelt (Kepler-Bradley Lakes/Crevasse Moraine)  

The Mat-Su Greenbelt is a network of trails located in the Mat-Su Borough region of Alaska, situated between the cities of Wasilla and Palmer. These trails offer a range of difficulty levels, from simple groomed paths to more challenging single track routes. The trail system is generally open and available for use throughout the year, with the exception of occasional closures during the spring and fall seasons due to muddy conditions.

In terms of maintenance, the trails of the Mat-Su Greenbelt are well-maintained and offer a smooth and enjoyable ride for users. The length of the trails varies, with some paths being longer or shorter than others, providing options for riders of all abilities and preferences. Overall, the Mat-Su Greenbelt offers a diverse and scenic trail system for outdoor enthusiasts looking to explore the beauty of the Mat-Su Borough on two wheels.

Here are a few types of trails that may be found at the Mat-Su Greenbelt or at other trail systems:

  1. Single track trails: These trails are typically narrow paths that wind through the woods or other natural terrain. They are often more challenging to ride due to their rocky or uneven surface and the need to navigate around tight turns and other obstacles.

  2. Groomed trails: These trails have been prepared for use by machines that smooth out the surface and remove any debris. They are often wider and more suitable for beginner riders or those looking for a more leisurely ride.

  3. Cross-country trails: These trails are generally longer and more challenging, often spanning multiple miles and featuring a variety of terrain types. They may include steep climbs, technical descents, and other obstacles.

  4. Downhill trails: These trails are designed for riders to descend from a higher elevation to a lower one, often with a series of jumps and other features. They are typically more difficult and require specialized equipment.