Our Story


The Alaska Bicycle Center is a family-run business that has been serving the community for over 30 years, making it one of the oldest bicycle shops in the United States. The owner, Richard Clayton, opened the shop with a passion for cycling and a desire to bring a much-needed service to the area. He said, "I've always loved bicycles and I worked for shops and raced as a youth, and I realized when I came to the Valley there wasn't this service being provided back then. So, kind of a combination, a love for bicycles and figuring it would be time for a business like this to be here”. Richard's son, Reese, has been working at the shop since he was a young boy and brings a unique set of skills to the table. Reese, who is a self-proclaimed "Apple baby", has a background in technology, which has been crucial in adapting to the ever-changing market of electronic shifting bikes and other new technologies. He said "As markets have changed, bicycles have changed. I’ve been doing bikes for a million years and now we have electronic shifting bikes and things that require great skills in computers and knowledge in that field. That’s his strength… He basically picks up that area that I am lacking from because I didn’t grow up with those types of devices”. The shop is located in Wasilla, Alaska, a rapidly growing community that has changed significantly since Richard opened the store. Across the street from the shop is the Skatepark and Wonderland playground, which used to be an airport and now serves as a recreational area for the community. Reese is one of the founding members of the Friends of Wasilla Parks and Recreation, a nonprofit group organized by young adults from the community who work to upgrade and maintain existing parks and other recreational sites, much like the Iditapark area across the street from the shop. Reese and his group aims to bring young perspective and ideas as the city continues to grow. One of their first major project is upgrading the Skatepark which used by thousands of people each summer, Reese said “When I was bored, I went to the Skatepark and rode my brains out. I grew up basically across the road here. ‘How can I pass it onto the next person?’ is my goal”.