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Here at Alaska Bicycle Center our philosophy is that we can make your old bike just as good as - if not better than - new. Some shops will often take one look at a major repair and encourage you to simply buy a new bike instead of fixing your current bike. 

We continually strive to repair as many possible bicycles!

If your bike needs repair, or if you think your bike may be beyond repair, come on down to see us. You might be surprised at just how awesome your bike actually is and how little it could cost to restore it to its full glory!

We offer free estimates on any bicycle no matter the make or model!

Services offered include


Basic Servicing: What most people call the “Safety Check”. The mechanic will inspect the braking system on the bicycle, the shifting system and make sure that the key safety bolts are tightened properly. He will set the tires to the proper air pressure. Great for the customer who wants to keep their bicycle at a constant top performance. Chain replacement recommended.


  • Brake Adjustment
  • Front Derailleur Adjustment
  • Rear Derailleur Adjustment
  • Safety Check
  • Tire Airing to proper pressure
  • Chain Replacement If Cassette is not worn out


Advanced Servicing: On top of our basic servicing, we overhaul the bottom bracket,  Cassette and Chain replacement is done, Cables for Shifters or Brakes are replaced, and hub adjustment is done. This is a great service for the customer who wants to have their bicycle adjusted for the season. We recommend this service at 500-1000 miles.



  • All features of the basic servicing
  • Bottom Bracket Adjustment, Overhaul, or Replacement
  • Chain and Cassette/Freewheel Replacement
  • Hubs Adjusted/Overhauled
  • Cable/Hose Replacement
  • Wheel Truing


Overhaul: On our of our advanced servicing, we overhaul the headset, replace wheels if wear is shown. Replace braking rotors if wear is shown. We start from the frame and replace anything that has worn out. The bicycle after this service will be almost like if it was new.



  • All features of the advanced servicing
  • Any parts it takes to make the bicycle function


Advanced Overhaul: This service is for the customer that is looking for the perfect fix. During this service we make any bicycle, any state, yours again. In a advanced overhaul we will make any bicycle like it was original. We stride to keep any bicycle alive and this service is for that.


  • Custom Paint
  • Restoration Work
  • Taking a Rough Bicycle and making it like new

Box Job: The mechanic will take the bicycle and box it in the proper bicycle box for shipping. We wrap all main tubes of the bicycle and disassemble the proper parts to make the reassembly as easy as possible. We also can ship your bicycle for you at an additional rate.

Assembly: The mechanic goes through the bicycle and properly assembles the bicycle to the a 21 point proper assembly list.