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Abus QUIN Sensor - For AirDrop/Moventor/MoDrop Helmets

Abus QUIN Sensor - For AirDrop/Moventor/MoDrop Helmets

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The Abus QUIN Sensor is a device designed for use with AirDrop/Moventor/MoDrop helmets models. It features 5 sensors that continuously evaluate data during use to detect and measure falls. In the event of a fall, the system will notify a pre-defined contact person. The QUIN sensor has a rechargeable battery with a 4-hour fast charge mode via micro-USB and a battery life of up to one month. It also has a "raise to wake" function that automatically pairs the helmet with a smartphone as soon as the QUIN chip detects movement. The sensor uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology and has an "Intellisleep" feature that allows the chip to enter sleep mode if no movement is detected for 5 minutes.

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