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Avid, 20R, Linear brake pads, pair

Avid, 20R, Linear brake pads, pair

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Introducing the Avid 20R Brake Pads, the ultimate choice for your linear pull brakes. These brake pads are symmetrical and can be used on both the front and rear brakes. The pads come with all necessary mounting hardware and the color of the pads is black. Pad Type: One Piece, Intended Brake Type: Linear Pull, Pad Attachment Style: Threaded Post and Rim Compatibility: Standard. Upgrade your ride with the reliable and durable Avid 20R Brake Pads.

  • Color: Black
  • Pad Type: One Piece
  • Intended Brake Type: Linear Pull
  • Pad Attachment Style: Threaded Post
  • Rim Compatibility: Standard
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