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DMR DeathGrip Flangeless Grips - Thick, Lock-On, Galaxy

DMR DeathGrip Flangeless Grips - Thick, Lock-On, Galaxy

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Get a comfortable and secure grip on your handlebars with the DMR DeathGrip Flangeless Grips. Designed in collaboration with Brendog, these grips feature a single, soft Kraton rubber material with a tapered core that eliminates the need for an outer lock ring. The raised waffle and knurl patterns increase grip, while the mushroom design provides added comfort. Choose the Thick option (31.3mm) for a sturdy grip, and the Lock-On feature ensures the grips stay in place during rides. Show off your style with the galaxy color option.

    • Color: Galaxy
    • Shape: Round
    • Length: 140
    • Lock On: Yes
    • Grip Shift Specific: No
    • Weight: 100
    • Flange: No
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