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DMR V11 Pedals - Platform, Composite, 9/16", Red

DMR V11 Pedals - Platform, Composite, 9/16", Red

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The DMR V11 Pedals are the perfect choice for riders who want a durable, comfortable and affordable composite pedal. They feature the same award-winning shape as the DMR Vault pedal, providing a large platform with a unique concave shape that allows your foot to sit securely in the center for optimal grip. These pedals are made with durable glass reinforced nylon and have 11 replaceable steel pins on each side for solid grip. The pins are secured with captive locknuts for ultimate durability and the pedals are fully rebuildable with the same internals as the DMR Vault pedals. The platform area is 105mm x 105mm and 19mm thick, with a low profile body and concave foot bed. The pedals have a 9/16-inch spindle size and come in a vibrant red color.

  • Pedal Body Material: Composite
  • Color: Red
  • Pedal Type: Platform
  • Pedal Spindle: 9/16"
  • Spindle Material: Chromoly
  • Defined Color: Red
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