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Finish Line Chill Zone Penetrating Lube - 6 fl oz, Aerosol

Finish Line Chill Zone Penetrating Lube - 6 fl oz, Aerosol

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Before discarding your rusted chain or giving up on a frozen crank bolt, a rusted derailleur spring or a seized seat post, give Chill Zone a shot. A special refrigerant propellant freezes metal as low as -50 degrees F. This causes contraction of the metal and creates micro cracks in the rust. A penetrating release agent then breaks down and flushes out the rust. With Chill Zone most rusted parts will quickly regain full functionality. Chill Zone contains oils and rust inhibitors, so re-lubricating parts is not required after use.

  • Releases rusted parts by freezing and causing contraction and micro cracks in rust and oxidation
  • Feature specialized penetrating agents and oils that penetrate into, break down and release rusted, corroded frozen parts
  • Works when all else fails; Freezes parts down to -50 degrees F and brings back to life rusted chains, derailleurs, crank bolts and more
  • Works wonders at removing seizes seat posts; Low odor formula too
  • Includes oils and rust inhibitors to provide lubrication and protection after use
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