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H5G Hive X Pro Scooter Black

H5G Hive X Pro Scooter Black

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Looking to get into scooter riding or upgrade your current setup? The Hive X Pro Scooter is a great choice! This complete scooter is made from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum for strength and durability, and features a sleek, lightweight deck with cutouts. The Hive X Pro Scooter has a standard tube bar measuring 24" x 21", a deck measuring 4.5" x 19.5", an 82.5 degree headtube angle, a chrome molly bar, a fully integrated headset, IHC compression, a double clamp, and a nylon brake system. Get ready to ride with the Hive X Pro Scooter!

Bars standard tube 24″ h x 21″ w

Deck- 4.5″ x 19.5 ”

Headtube Angle- 82.5 degrees

Bar- Chrome molly

 Headset- Fully Integrated

Compression- IHC

Clamo- Double

Brake- Nylon brake system

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