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Kenda K50 Tire - 16 x 2.125, Clincher, Wire, White, 22tpi

Kenda K50 Tire - 16 x 2.125, Clincher, Wire, White, 22tpi

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The Kenda K50 Tire is a classic and durable option for BMX bikes, with a versatile design and short knobbies that make it suitable for a range of riding conditions. This tire has a labeled size of 16 x 2.125 inches and a white color. It has a recommended PSI of 40 and an ISO width of 54 millimeters, with an ISO diameter of 305/16 inches. It is intended for use on BMX bikes and has a wire tire bead for a secure fit. The K50 features sidewall flat protection to help prevent punctures and damage on the trails. It has a TPI of 22 and a weight of 498 grams, and is made with a clincher construction that is suitable for replacement and repair.

  • Labeled Size: 16 x 2.125
  • Color: White
  • PSI: 40
  • ISO Width (mm): 54
  • ISO Diameter: 305 / 16" BMX
  • Flat Protection: Sidewall
  • Tire Intended Use: BMX
  • Defined Color: White
  • Tire Type: Clincher
  • TPI: 22
  • Weight: 498
  • Tire Bead: Wire
  • Tire Diameter: 16"
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