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Muc-Off Glueless Patch Kits

Muc-Off Glueless Patch Kits

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The Muc-Off Glueless Patch Kit contains six 0.98” puncture patches that easily peel away and stick to your tube without the need for any messy glue. The included sandpaper strip will prep your inner tube for repair before using the patches, and it all comes in a nifty storage tin that is printed with the Muc-Off logo

  • Super sticky self-adhesive
  • Tin Keeps your patches dry
  • Suitable for all bicycle inner tubes
  • Quick & easy to use
  • Compact size will fit nicely into a ride pack, tool bottle or jersey pocket
  • Each Patch Kit contains 6x Glueless patches at .98" and 1x sandpaper
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