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Mucky Nutz Mug Guard Fender: Long, Black

Mucky Nutz Mug Guard Fender: Long, Black

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Mucky Nutz MugGuard front fenders use 6 fastening points to securely attach to the fork. MugGuards are compatible with 26”, 27.5’’ & 29” wheel diameters, and will fit most standard and boost suspension fork / tire combinations up to 3”.

  • Recessed bridge area to increase tyre clearance
  • Six fastenings anchor the guard firmly to the fork, so there is no rattling and minimal movement
  • Multiple fastening slots for increased functionality, with the potential to use the MugGuard at the rear of the bike to protect the shock
  • Gloss underside finish to shed muck and make for easy cleaning
  • Supplied with a Velcro roll for fastening, making it quick release and easily removed for transport on a bike rack / uplift if needed
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