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S&M Stealth Pivotal BMX Seat - Black

S&M Stealth Pivotal BMX Seat - Black

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Ride in style and comfort with the S&M Stealth Pivotal BMX Seat in classic black! This seat is designed to provide a comfortable pedaling experience while being out of the way when you're standing on the pedals. The Stealth Pivotal system gives the seat a clean look by removing the Pivotal access patch for a smooth top. The seat is compatible with any Stealth Pivotal post or traditional Pivotal post (with a socket extension) and works great with the 320mm Long Johnson Stealth Pivotal or the new Stealth Pivotal Layback post. And with its ergonomic shape, reinforced base, and lightweight design (only 9.3oz!), you'll love how this seat performs. Installation is a breeze with the hollow bolt and 5mm allen wrench, and the reverse threads into the post make it easy to set up and use.
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