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SE Cub Tire - 20x2.0 Blue/Black

SE Cub Tire - 20x2.0 Blue/Black

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The SE Cub Tire is a collaboration between Vee Tire and SE Bikes, designed to offer a classic BMX style street tread with a touch of vintage styling from SE Bikes. The 20x2.0 size tire is available in a stylish blue and black colorway and features MPC technology for a durable, long-lasting compound that can handle all types of terrain. Perfect for those who want a tire that can handle the streets with a bit of vintage flair.

Style: Standard Size: 20x2.0
ISO: 406 Bead: Wire
Tread/SW: Bu/Blk PSI: 65
TPI: 27 Features: MPC
Reflective Sidewall: No

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