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Serfas True TSL 750R/TST-130 Light Combo Kit

Serfas True TSL 750R/TST-130 Light Combo Kit

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The Serfas True TSL 750R/TST-130 Light Combo Kit is an all-encompassing lighting solution for cyclists, designed for enhanced safety and visibility in various lighting conditions. The TSL-1000R True 1000 Headlight features a powerful 1000 lumen output, side visibility with amber LEDs, an easy-to-use interface with a backlit LED battery indicator, and versatile mounting options. It's USB rechargeable with a removable 3200 mAh Li-Ion battery, offering up to 7.25 hours of runtime. The TST-300 Spectra 300 Tail Light includes a high-power LED configuration, auto safe mode, remote compatibility, and mounting flexibility for aero posts. With its rechargeable lithium polymer battery, it provides up to 40 hours of low flash runtime. Lightweight and equipped with intelligent features like fast charging, this kit is perfect for cyclists who ride in varying light conditions, ensuring maximum visibility and safety.

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