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Shimano Claris FD-2403 8-Speed Triple 34.9mm Front Derailleur

Shimano Claris FD-2403 8-Speed Triple 34.9mm Front Derailleur

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The Shimano Claris FD-2403 8-Speed Triple 34.9mm Front Derailleur is a high-quality, durable front derailleur that is specifically designed for use with 8-speed Shimano road drivetrains. This front derailleur is compatible with the Claris FD-2400 and FD-2403 front derailleurs.

The Claris FD-2403 is designed as a triple front derailleur, which means it can handle three chainrings and expands the gear range of your drivetrain. It features a plated cage and a stone metallic silver painted link that helps to improve durability and performance. The derailleur has a capacity of 20t, a maximum ring of 50t. Its cable pull is bottom pull and the clamp size is 34.9 (1-3/8") which is designed to fit most road bike's seat tube.

This front derailleur is designed to provide smooth and precise shifting, even under high loads. The triple ring design allows for greater gear range and a wider range of riding conditions. It is easy to install and maintain, making it a great option for any cyclist looking to upgrade their drivetrain. Whether you're a recreational cyclist or a serious cyclist, the Shimano Claris FD-2403 is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-performance front derailleur that can handle the demands of 8-speed road cycling and expands the gear range.

  • Double or Triple: Triple
  • Derailleur Capacity: 20
  • Front Der/Shifter Compatibility: Shimano Road
  • Max Ring (teeth): 50
  • Front Derailleur Style: Traditional
  • Front Derailleur Cable Pull: Bottom Pull
  • Front Derailleur Clamp: 34.9 (1-3/8")
  • Drivetrain Speeds: 8
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