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Shimano STEPS EC-E6002 Ebike Battery Charger

Shimano STEPS EC-E6002 Ebike Battery Charger

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The Shimano STEPS EC-E6000-2 Ebike battery charger is designed for charging a Shimano STEPS battery without removing it from your Ebike.

  • It provides fast charge times and uses a small connector
  • Charger can also charge the battery directly with the use of an adaptor
  • Compatible with the following Shimano STEPS batteries: BT-E6000, BT-E6001, BT-E6010, BT-E8010, BT-E8014, BT-E8020, and BT-E8035
  • Compatible with the following battery mounts: BM-E6000 BM-E6010 BM-E8010 BM-E8020
  • Plug Type A for USA and Canada
  • Will fully charge a 418 Wh battery in 4 hours, or a 504 Wh battery in 5 hours
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