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SRAM HS2 Disc Brake Rotor - 180mm, 6-Bolt, Rounded, Silver/Black

SRAM HS2 Disc Brake Rotor - 180mm, 6-Bolt, Rounded, Silver/Black

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The SRAM HS2 Disc Brake Rotor is a high-performance brake component designed for mountain bikes. It is specifically engineered to improve brake performance, reduce noise, and increase heat dissipation. The rotor has a 180mm diameter and a 6-bolt design, making it compatible with a wide range of disc brake systems.

The SRAM HS2 Rotor features a brake track pattern that increases pad traction, ensuring reliable braking performance. The spokes are recessed and coated in thermal dissipating paint, which helps to dissipate heat and improve the rotor's overall heat management. This makes the HS2 a powerful, yet quiet rotor that is suitable for use in a variety of mountain bike applications. The rotor is compatible with all pad compounds, making it a versatile and reliable braking component.

    • Rotor Type: One Piece
    • Rotor Size (mm): 180
    • Hub/Disc Compatibility: 6-Bolt Disc
    • Pad Compatibility: All Pad Compounds
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